The contracting conditions refer to the rental reservation and the purchase of activities.

These conditions regulate the relationship between the user or participant, that is, you, and the entity GALICIA CANTIDADE XXI, SL that provides the services.

The user contracts the rental of sports equipment and / or the activity for a specific date and time.

Only in the case of hiring a guided or accompanied route, expressly indicated as such, clients will be accompanied by a monitor.

The indication “route” is a proposed itinerary and does not imply that it is assisted by a monitor and / or guide.

Purchase and reservations: Written. Through the web, email or telephone number published on the web.

Reservations are made for a specific day and time.

In any case, the reservation, if it has not been automatically confirmed, is kept for a maximum period of hours (indicated in each written communication) to make the total payment of the same.

A reservation is not confirmed until the confirmation and receipt of the total payment by Galicia Cantidade.

The purchase of a gift voucher is valid for the maximum period, indicated in the particular clauses, that is, in the sale information. If not indicated, the term is 6 months from the purchase.

With the purchase / participation in each of our activities (with the exception of the visit to the winery) a 5% discount is included on 1 Adega Buezas product. The discount is valid for 1 purchase in the 15 days following the purchase or participation in the activity.


The price of each activity is published. In any case, on the web.

The indicated price has VAT included.

The price is indicated per person.

In case of kayak rental, the minimum total price to pay is for 2 people, even if the use is individual.

In case of use by a greater number of participants, they must pay the amount indicated at the time of authorization, in any case, the price established per person.

As an example, 3 instead of 2 users on the kayak, and 2 instead of 1 user on the paddle board. The participant expressly accepts that


The participant agrees to:

  • Strictly comply with the instructions provided by the GALICIA CANTIDADE entity, either directly through its staff, or through third-party collaborators.
  • To use the safety equipment provided.
  • Not assign the use of the material to a third party.
  • Use the material with due diligence.
  • Pay for damages caused to the material due to improper use as well as damages caused to third parties.
  • Do not access Tambo Island.
  • No littering.
  • Do not collect stones, sand, flora, or fauna.


The user / participant declares / declares that he will only participate in the activities of the aquatic environment, if he knows how to swim.

GALICIA CANTIDADE is not responsible for the rental of material and participation in the proposed routes in the case of participants who cannot swim.

The rental of the material is for the number of people indicated in the reservation. If you want to be used by a number higher than the one indicated, you will have to request authorization and pay the corresponding fee for the material and safety training.

Cancellation and postponement

The reservation made for a specific date and time cannot be canceled by the client, in accordance with current regulations. That is, in the event of cancellation by the customer, he is not entitled to a refund.

The rental or water activities can only be canceled if the use of the material, due to weather conditions (caused by the wind or the sea), at the sole discretion of the specialist in sports in Galicia Cantidade, involves a danger real for the safety of people. The Galicia Cantidade sports technician, in this case, will substitute the activity for another, even in a different environment, or will postpone the activity.

The participant expressly acknowledges and accepts that in the event of adverse weather conditions (caused by the wind or the sea), and that at the sole discretion of the Galicia Cantidade specialist technician, the activity can be canceled and replaced by another that does not involve risk, even in a different medium, or secondarily postponed to a later date.

The user / participant acknowledges that the mere fact of rain and / or wind is not a reason for canceling the activity / rental.

In the event of postponement, as it is not possible for Galicia Cantidade to replace it with another activity, the activity may be carried out within a maximum period of 15 calendar days, within the availability that Galicia Cantidade can offer.

Possible substitute activities:

  • Snorkel
  • Shellfish
  • Bike
  • Visit to winery

Likewise, GALICIA CANTIDADE can cancel a reservation if the participants are not in a position to make it safely. By way of example, part of the users are in a drunken situation. In this case, the case of postponement indicated in the previous case does not occur.

In the event of cancellation by Galicia Cantidade, for reasons other than those mentioned above, it is not obliged to pay any compensation or compensation. In any case, it will offer the participant a voucher equal to the amount paid for its use within a period of 6 months from the date of cancellation, on the dates available by Galicia Cantidade.