Bike + visit to the winery

  • Bike. Get lost in the vineyards, enjoy the view of magnificent viewpoints or go in search of the cultural heritage of the territory. The options are very diverse, but all of them have in common to give the opportunity to enjoy the Rías Baixas in a sustainable way. Getting lost on the trails and paths of different localities helps you discover the history and tradition of the places. We have electric bikes that will give you a hand when you feel tired of pedaling. Enjoy a moment of disconnection surrounded by a green landscape and let time pass without you noticing. Rent your bike, we can suggest some routes to enjoy a wonderful experience in the Rías Baixas. We will give you a brief explanation of the area and its history. With the rental we include an explanation of the operation of the bike and the safety measures to be implemented.
  • Visit to the winery with tasting. Visit AdegaBuezas in Nantes (Sanxenxo), a family winery in rural Galicia. The stones of the winery tell the story of the last 150 years. Discover the process of harvesting and winemaking through a guided tour. You will get to know its facilities and the way in which family tradition and innovation can go hand in hand to give rise to a golden treasure, always being respectful and grateful to nature.

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