Paddle surf + snorkeling + visit to the winery with tasting

  • Paddle surf. We propose paddle surfing routes to discover the Rías Baixas in a way that respects nature. Paradise beaches of white sand and crystal clear waters. Make your way over the waters of the Atlantic to enjoy a paradise that many are unaware of.
  • Snorkeling. Snorkeling is the right solution for anyone wondering what lies beneath the waters of the Atlantic. With this activity it will be possible to discover the secrets of the ocean kept in the first meters of its depth. Knowing marine organisms and observing their behavior will help us better understand our territory. The coast of the Rías Baixas is a very suitable place to enjoy surface diving and to be able to observe fish, crabs, starfish, etc.
  • Visit to the winery with tasting. Visit AdegaBuezas in Nantes (Sanxenxo), a family winery in rural Galicia. The stones of the winery tell the story of the last 150 years. Discover the process of harvesting and winemaking through a guided tour. You will get to know its facilities and the way in which family tradition and innovation can go hand in hand to give rise to a golden treasure, always being respectful and grateful to nature.

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